Network Capital Whitepaper

Differences between Network Capital and other APY and projects.

Network Capital is characterized for being a 100% decentralized contract (with no ownership) and fixed tax rates of 0% for buys and 5% for sales, it and scores 90/100 and over in every automated contract scanner and audit. This makes it different from the major part of other APY and projects, since they have highly centralized and risky contracts, and even promise an impossible performance. Sooner or later this will lend to the token’s own failure.
Adding to that, we have noticed that in many cases these tokens have no real future utility, apart from the staking, we could say its end is even more near. In Network Capital #NETC we saw the bigger picture and want to make things differently. We spent the major part of 2022 developing a long-term-sustainable economy. We developed an ecosystem of 8 projects conceived to give value to the entire Network, and also, to increase the NETC token value. Even more, our staking is totally sustainable and offers a very interesting potential for its investors, while staying sustainable through time,with high scalability and a lot space for future development.
Buying #NETC is a great passive income opportunity and a unique long-term-investment!. We encourage you to read our Whitepaper and Road map to learn about or project!