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First let’s talk a little bit about our daily reward system. We feel a real commitment and even feel is our responsibility to reward our first holders, since they’ve been supporting us from the very start of our project. But we also understand that the use cases that a token could offer are very important. Before, one project was enough. Now holders are more demanding and want more utility for their coins. In Network Capital we understand that thanks to our great experience and highly skilled consultants.

Even more, we have a planned an addition STAKING with BUSD rewards, only for the holders that stay with us during our first 4 months, receive rewards from Staking phase 1 and never sell their tokens, as soon as we detect their wallets have hit the 0 NECT mark we would have to remove them from the BUSD staking whitelist.

Please note that you will be able to buy and sell your tokens but never leave your wallet totally empty of NECT to be abe to participate in this rewards.

Staking phase 1 starts 15 days after our market launch at PancakeSwap and its rewards will be listed as follows:

FAIRLAUNCH investors will earn a monthly APY of 250% on their investment in NETC, payments will be made every 24 hours (9.32% daily), they will start to bee send 15 days after our listing on PancakeSwap and will last 4 months

Investors who buy NETC after the end of the FAIRLAUNCH will earn a monthly rate of 160% of the amount of NETC tokens hold, payments of 5.33% will be made every 24 hours and will start 15 days after the first day of listing on Pancake Swap . Payments will last for 4 months.

Each person will automatically receive the rewards in their Wallet. We will need 15 days after our launch on PancakeSwap to finalize all the detail of our automated staking solution software. At NETC we have several security protocols to guarantee the comfort and confidence of our investors.

NECT Exchange

Smart Mining

Our smart mining project offers the possibility for our users to invest in 100% ecological crypto-mining from the safety of their homes, without having to install large mining camps.

With Network Capital #NETC you can easily add earnings to your wallet, investing as a shareholder on our mining warehouses.

We currently own 4 active storehouses that will sooner than later be at disposal for our user base so every each of them can rent some mining power and receive earnings everyday.

It will be available as a mining rig renting contract that will be signed directly by Network Capital Group, our Colorado HQ.

This contract clearly establishes our strategies to protect and grow our client's investment and award the pertinent earnings.

Network Card

A prepaid debit card destined for our holders as a tool to retire their money without fees and without complications.

Traveling around the world we found that the crypto community suffers from one issue; and that issue is trading crypto for traditional currencies such as dollar, euro, pounds and even the Brazilian real.

That's why we gave ourselves the task of developing a prepaid card without fees, that works for trading tokens into NETC, and exchanging NETC for US dollars so they can be retired directly via ATM , or to make purchases in any store working with MasterCard.

Our physical card will have a $20 cost. All funds raised by the card's cost will be destined to the marketing campaigns and Network Capital's development. #NETC

NFT Farming

Our NFT system that will put the NFT in the map again.

We fee this is really a great initiative, given that we believe in NFTs as much we believe in cryptos. It is a still a great potential market that can benefit our token.

We have developed the best NFT platform for passive earnings generation. We plan to offer revenues for our holders and provide immediate liquidity for our exchange, as well aas for marketing and development. This is how it will work:

We are hosting an NFT pre-sale. Each one of them will have different values, depending on its rarity levels, and they will return that value in form of earnings.

this is intended to be a product that will constantly make money for you since its purchase.

The art theme is big productive enterprises, such as Coke-cola (its value will be $5000 inside our metaaverse) This platform will have a 150% monthly payback generation.

In this metaverse, every one of us will be entrepreneurs, having different enterprises.

Those who buy the largest enterprises, will be ranked between the top holders in #NETC and will earn benefits from Cash loans to Credit cards.

Every top investor will have exclusive access to our offices in Denver-Colorado and can participate in our exhibitions around the world, like Expo Dubai. These travels will be sponsored by the NETC team.

NETC Scanner

We all have spent the last year watching different crypto scams steal thousands and millions of dollars, we found out that one of the best ways to prove our trustworthiness and transparency was to take these fraudulent projects to the law enforcing corps.

We came across the idea of a very special tool: NETC scanner, one of the many projects that constitute Network Capital.. Its main task will be of giving KYC certificates endorsed by the state ministry, and also we plant to grow as a strong audit firm inside the crypto community.

We want to ensure the public that every project audited by our firm will be completely safe and, in case of committing any fraud, we'll take the full force of the law against them.

This audit option will be available through NETC Exchange and is linked to NETC Launch, a launching platform inside the NETC Exchange environment.

NETC Launch will provide an effective tool for token pre-sales and fairlaunches. Always 100% safe for users and verified by our dedicated analyst team.

We will make our main objective to bring modern days' safety from the regular fiat markets to the crypto world in order to make it reachable for everyone.


A new platform that will be dedicated to 100% safe token launches with KYC certification and audits. Only contracts with a very high degree of decentralization.

Contracts with risky functions and high degree of centralization just wont be accepted in our platform.

We expect to establish a community of over million members so every launch can be successful.

We've seen many well know platform launch untrustworthy projects without any skill training or ethics. These schemes make multiple sales and run with the money just after launch.

NETC will fight against this, offering 100% safe pre-sales and fairlaunchs, with a system backed by very solid smart contracts and reachable CEO and teams that will provide assistance in case of any fraud being detected.

Being into NETC SALE will be an honor that many projects will like to have but a few of them will achieve.

This is the future of crypto! We are making the game easier for all people around the world.

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